Jeantet combines its proficiency in complex operations with strong litigation practice and offers its assistance and expertise to managing directors and businesses, working with them to develop a personalised legal strategy to ensure their interests are defended. The litigation cases we deal with most frequently concern:

  • conflicts between shareholders: management expertise, ad hoc mandate, agreement resolution, general meeting postponement, interpretation and implementation of shareholders’ agreements (compliance with the formality of pre-emption or approval, or the conditions of a right to withdrawal or joint assignment, for example) abuse of majority, equality or minority powers;
  • the incurrence of directors’ liability for mismanagement (individual or collective shareholder action, social derivative action), particularly in situations of conflict of interest (regulated agreements, golden parachutes, breach of the duty of loyalty, etc.);
  • post-acquisition litigation: the incurrence of liability guarantees (complying with notification formality and determining the amount of compensation due under a claim, in particular), price supplement (disputes regarding the principle of the right to a price supplement and regarding its valuation).