Real Estate

For several years, there have been major changes in the real estate sector requiring the adoption of new regulatory and financial approaches. As such, sophisticated international financing techniques are contributing to the momentum of real estate markets. This complexity of the structures used to own, develop, and finance real estate has increased the importance of financial players such as private equity firms and hedge funds. Real estate is now seen as a class of alternative assets in its own right, requiring financial and tax support on an international scale.

Beyond the financialisation of real estate, technological and environmental issues are also shaking up this market. Everyone involved in this sector must adapt to new practices (co-living, co-working, showrooms, etc.) and cope with new digital entrants. This revolution requires an ever-increasing responsiveness of real estate practices.

In this context, our real estate team advises all clients on all their issues through personalised solutions rooted in the realities of the market, also with the support of our six international offices.