Family businesses

“Family” is a centre of legal and tax expertise devoted to privately owned and family businesses that has been created by Jeantet.

There are currently 14 million family businesses in Europe. They represent 50% of the GDP and 60 million jobs. In France, they account for 80% of medium-sized businesses and 20 to 40% of Large Businesses. These businesses are the most widespread form of capitalism in the world.

Family businesses have the distinctive feature of having a more long-term outlook, with a determination to last and to keep control of the capital within the family, passing it from generation to generation. They have a low level of debt, which encourages investment and therefore innovation, a prerequisite for continuity. The importance given to the human element enables them to benefit from surplus share capital and more effective management based on values.

We develop solutions to cater for the legal complexity resulting from the overlapping of private and business assets. We support our clients in dealing with the key challenges they face:

  • family governance and directors’ status
  • relations between shareholders (minority, majority or financial)
  • prevention and settlement of disputes (mediation, litigation)
  • organisation of liquid assets (“internal treasury”)
  • preparation of transfer (gifts, disposals, inheritances and family holdings)
  • real estate management
  • financing and support during internal or external growth
  • implementation of appropriate asset protection measures (trusts or related mechanisms)
  • family philanthropy (foundation, endowment funds)

Jeantet works with the firm VTM Conseil FamilyBusinessLaw, a member of the Family centre of expertise. They train teams for cross-functional and multi-disciplinary projects, to better respond to the needs of their clients.

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