Public Law and PPP

Public commercial law has become an anchoring tool for a large number of investment projects.

 Today, it largely exceeds the framework of administrative law and dispute resolution, and embraces a much wider dimension at the heart of economic and environmental life.

We have understood and anticipated these developments and offer support to stakeholders, public authorities, companies, financial bodies or foreign States as part of an all-encompassing, transversal and operational approach to meeting all aspects and challenges posed by public law.

Our team has developed a practice specifically focused on energy, environment, urban planning and development, which supports your project in application for the administrative permits required as well as the regulatory audits which may be necessary.

Our practice in Economic Public Law, regulated and collective services, allows our firm to regularly offer its expertise in public procurement contracts and complex contractual matters to large industrial groups, banking establishments, public service operators, the State, local authorities and public companies, both in France and abroad, for public procurement contracts and agreements, concessions – delegation of public services, and various forms of public-private partnerships (PPP), as well as agreements for occupancy of the public space (temporary leases, administrative long-leases).

We also work alongside funding, corporate or real-estate teams for acquisitions or project funding, through audits, notably environmental audits, and through advice concerning all aspects of public law surrounding your development projects (administrative, environmental and urban development permits, the construction of industrial or commercial premises).

To lead your projects to completion in a secure manner, you can count on our tried-and-tested experience, our technical rigour and thorough understanding of all facets of public institutions and authorities.

We have developed an all-encompassing offer with high added value for your complex and ambitious projects:

  • Public procurement contracts and concessions
  • Public/private partnerships, SEM [Mixed economy company], SPL [Local public company]
  • Infrastructure funding
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Urban development
  • Disputes before administrative authorities.