Lobbying, Public Affairs and Crisis Management

Increasingly numerous regulations (EU directives, laws, soft law…), whether at national or international levels,  subject business entities to the difficuly of handling complex, instable and sometimes inoperative laws. Taking part in the lawmaking debates and processes has become a fiduciary responsibility for managers when competitiveness and creativity are at stake. Our teams therefore defend and represent the interests of our clients, whether French or foreign, in their dialogue with national and EU institutions, on a day-to-day basis as well as in crisis situations.

In particular, we coordinate the following actions:

  • national and European legislative and regulatory monitoring: detection, monitoring and information, periodic letters and impact analyses;
  • intervention: development of strategies, mappings, debates, project implementation, drafting of white papers, studies, arguments and legislative or regulatory proposals;
  • support in projects and conflicts which are publicised or relate to new contractual and constitutional issues;
  • structuring and support of complex authorisation cases (particularly investments in sensitive sectors, rulings and regulations, individual administrative actions, etc.).

Jeantet is a founding member of the Association des Avocats Lobbyistes (Association of Lobbyist Lawyers, AAL) created in 2011, and is committed to acting with complete transparency and in accordance with the code of ethics issued by AAL. We are therefore one of the few legal firms entered in the transparency registers of the French National Assembly and the European institutions.