Ethics and Compliance

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In recent years, all economic players have seen a number of new requirements imposed on them, thus facing increasing risks of “ethic regulation“: risk of damage to reputation, civil liability, implementation of coercive measures and even criminal prosecution.

Following on from earlier objectives of good communication, often framed by soft law, normative requirements, procedural, procedural and substantive requirements are forcing companies to be more vigilant.

It is through these new challenges of a new kind that Jeantet has set up a “Task Force” with a cross-cutting approach, with a historical expertise in administrative investigations. With a multi-jurisdictional experience and a recognized international network, Jeantet intervenes in an integrated way on all sensitive areas (governance, corporate Law, business criminal Law, human rights, environment, labour Law, competition Law, stock exchange Law, banking Law, protection of personal data).

Jeantet is able to intervene both in the full implementation of compliance plans and in control procedures or possible sanctions. Jeantet can also advise you on the civil or criminal procedures involved by proposing a “full service” offer, enabling companies to control the increase in the risks of non-compliance in:

  • Complying with regulations;
  • Reinforcing the coherence between compliance and efficiency (calls for tenders, DPNF…);
  • Integrating ethics and CSR;
  • Training employees in the various risks;
  • Anticipating and limiting risks of litigation and sanctions;
  • Mastering crisis and stakeholder management.


Based on our practical experience and understanding of your business, our services are built around two fundamental and intrinsic pillars of risk management:


The fight against corruption

  • Establishment of specific mapping (corruption…) based on questionnaires and companies that we carry out, alone or with you
  • Elaboration of third party evaluation procedures, drafting of codes or internal regulations.
  • Drafting of alert procedures
  • Other internal reference procedures
  • Implementation of anti-corruption training
  • Assistance in setting up databases in preparation for AFA (French Anti-Corruption Agency)  controls (“AFA Data Room”)
  • Assistance during control phases
  • Assistance during sanction proceedings


The duty of vigilance

Our approach breaks down into 4 key steps:

  • Identification of risks
  • Targeting activities or services with the development of an evaluation procedure


Our “Ethics and Compliance” team also has an exclusive partnership with Zimeray Finelle, the only law firm in France specializing in Business Human Rights.

François Zimeray, worked for more than 20 years in the Jeantet law firm before becoming French Ambassador in charge of Human Rights, then French Ambassador to Denmark. He was also a Member of the European Parliament.


Brochure – Integrity & Compliance >> Download here>>