Consumer Law

The constant strengthening of the sanctions and enforcement measures of competition and consumer officers has led consumer law to assume an increasingly important role in the business world. At the same time, companies are faced with an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

All sectors are concerned, including agrifood, mass distribution, transport, energy, telecommunications, financial services, distance selling, health, tourism and hospitality.

We are involved in a very wide range of areas, in particular in relation to:

  • advertising and commercial practices: consumer information, unfair practices, misleading practices, comparative advertising, sales, sales promotions and price reduction announcements, product labelling, etc.;
  • product conformity and safety: assessment of risks, compliance with standards, certification (AOC, AOP, etc.), health and food safety, management of product recalls and withdrawals, etc.;
  • unfair terms;
  • distance selling;
  • protection of personal data;
  • abuse of position of weakness;
  • class actions;
  • free movement of goods and restrictions;
  • lobbying (draft standards, European institutions, etc.)
  • Impact of Brexit (labeling, producer liability, customs formalities …).


We advise our clients both upstream and during proceedings initiated by or against them:

  • implementation of marketing strategies, audit of websites and commercial documents, relations with consumer associations, etc.;
  • criminal and administrative aspects of consumer law, alternative methods of settling disputes (transaction with the Administration, CRPC, criminal law support of managing directors).