Martine Samuelian




Martine Samuelian operates in the field of banking, stock market and financial litigation services (civil and criminal courts and independent administrative authorities such as the Sanction Committees of the AMF, ACPR and ECB). This specialist in regulatory and financial services matters leads a skilled team dedicated to these fields and has offered support for over 30 years to banks, investment companies, portfolio management companies and insurance companies, in addition to their directors, particularly in the area of applicable regulations, including governance. Her clients recognise her technical prowess in financial matters and her knowledge of markets, players, products and regulators, making her an indispensable intermediary in the general management, legal management and compliance of these establishments. She also offered her experience to the other clients of the firm regarding governance, risk management, compliance and anti corruption.

Martine Samuelian is a member of the Jeantet Board of Partners.

Significant experience


  • Structuring of the BPI France (Banque Publique d’Investissement – Public Investment Bank) on behalf of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC);
  • Regularly assisting various financial, banking and insurance institutions regarding their governance, compliance and risk management procedures;
  • Providing assistance in ensuring the compliance of new financial products at the time of their creation or structuring, and involvement in the drafting of their documentation;
  • Review and updating of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing measures or the detection of market abuse or anti-corruption on behalf of various French and foreign banking and financial groups.
  • Assistance in the implementation of new regulations (AML Directive, loi Sapin 2 …) 

Investigations and litigation proceedings:

  • Several cases of administrative settlement negotiation with the AMF;
  • Defending various institutions before the AMF Enforcement Committee (examples include: HSBC/AMF – Decision of 22 July 2014; EADS – Crosby/AMF – Decision of 27 November 2009);
  • Providing assistance in connection with AMF investigations regarding market abuse with detailed letters responses;
  • Assisting French banks with respect to the application of various US regulations;
  • Many responses to formal notices or follow-up letters from the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority [ACPR] with the follow up of remedial action plans;
  • Defending various institutions before the ACPR Enforcement Committee and review procedures (examples include: LCL/ACPR – Decision of 3 July 2013; UBS/ACPR – Decision of 25 June 2013 ; SG/ACPR – Decision of 19 July 2017)
  • Assisting banks in connection with a notification of complaint issued by SICCFIN (authority dedicated to anti-money laundering and the fight against terrorism and corruption in Monaco);
  • Litigation relating to the collapse of Icelandic banks, the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the Madoff fraud, etc.

Member of

  • The ANJB (Association Nationale des Juristes de Banque – National Association of Banking Lawyers).
  • Involvement in seminars organised by LexisNexis, by the supervisory authorities (AMF, ACPR)
  • Conferences for the Postgraduate Degree (Master 2) in Financial Criminal Law at Cergy Pontoise.


  • Master’s Degree in Private Law – University of Aix-Marseille
  • Certificate in specialised studies in Economic Law.


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