IP, Tech & Data

Our team advise his French or foreign clients for complex digital projects (e-commerce, IT agreements, e-signature, cyber-security, platforms, digital contents) and as regards data protection (GDPR compliance program, external DPO, etc.).

They also have extensive experience in transactional IP (mergers, acquisitions, joint-ventures, partnerships) and in strategic litigation related to intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyright).

  • Intellectual property


    Jeantet offers a complete range of IP services (including due diligence) in the area of mergers, acquisitions and joint-ventures.

    Jeantet also counsels its clients on the acquisition, transfer and licencing of all types of intellectual property rights. And we assist our clients with negotiating and drafting strategic R&D agreements, joint ownership agreements, confidentiality agreements and other agreements bearing on inventions and creations by employees.

    Contentious matters

    Jeantet assists its clients with strategic contentious matters in all areas of intellectual property: patents, trademarks, copyrights, drawings and models.

    We have broad experience in the seizure of fraudulent imitations, action for infringement of patents, for invalidity, for forfeiture, for recovery of property, particularly in cases of multi-jurisdictional legal actions.

  • Information technology

    Digital law

    Digital law is one of the core activities of our group. We intervene on all problems raised by the digital transformation of the economy (legal liability of platforms, Internet of objects, electronic signature, big data, commercial contracts peculiar to this sector of activity, online advertising).

    Historic consultants for many major players in e-business, French and foreign, we also have considerable experience with contentious matters in this sector of activity.


    IT contracts & contentious matters

    Jeantet intervenes on behalf both of IT service providers (publishers, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, service providers, etc.) and of their clients (banking, insurance, industry, tourism or retail) at all stages of IT projects: choice of architectural architecture, negotiation and drafting of contracts from the simplest to the most complex (development, maintenance, integration, ERF, migration, outsourcing, etc.).

    We also assist our clients in the contentious and expertise phases peculiar to IT disputes.

  • Data protection

    Jeantet has broad experience with problems raised by the law on data of a personal nature (setting up international projects, auditing and putting into conformity, relations with subcontractors, assistance in case of control).

    We propose solutions for the management and exploitation of personal data adapted to the context and the size of each company.


    Audit & putting into conformity: ‘GRPD 3D’

    In order to assist companies with implementing the General Regulations on Data Protection (GRDP), Jeantet has a ‘GRDP 3D’ in partnership with Modis, a world player in IT consulting.

    This offer makes it possible to ensure global conformity as well as perennial GRDP governance. The exclusive ‘GRDP 3D’ offer makes it possible to apprehend putting into conformity with the GRDP transversally in its three dimensions: legal, technological and organisational.


    External DPO: ‘EASY DPO’

    In its ‘GRDP 3D’ offer, Jeantet proposes the ‘Easy DPO’ service which enables all companies to outsource the DPO (Data Protection Officer) function in a flexible way which is adapted to its needs.
    The ‘Easy DPO’ service is available through monthly subscription. It includes for each client not only the services of Jeantet’s DPO lawyers but also follow-up on their Processing Register using a secure SaaS platform.


    Discover our offer “GDPR”  3D here