The Jeantet lawyers offer their clients high added value thanks to the know-how that they have developed as a primary result of their training and professional experience.

Our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ business sectors combined with our technical case-related expertise, enable us to offer innovative solutions to the issues we are asked to examine.

For our clients, we constantly monitor and anticipate changes in the law by comparing our approaches with academics and many experts who have a sound legal, economic, financial and labour-related background.


In addition to its ability to resolve the issues common to all players in the economic, financial and social sphere, Jeantet boasts specific expertise in certain sectors as a result of the training, experience and career paths of its lawyers. These sectoral skills are a major asset, the benefits of which filter through to its handling of the issues presented to our lawyers in other sectors.

We carry out ongoing monitoring in many fields, including legal, economic and social, and deepen this knowledge on a daily basis to ensure that we provide a rapid response in the way we deal with requirements immediately and in the solutions we offer our clients.