• China Desk


    For many years, China has been a priority for our firm in terms of international development. Our dedicated teams are grouped within the Chinese Desk that is composed of lawyers with dual legal expertise in French and Chinese law.

    We support both our French and foreign clients in their external growth operations in China, as well as Chinese companies investing in France, Europe or Africa, particularly through our offices based in Luxembourg, Geneva and Morocco, with the support, when necessary, of our networks of “best friends” which are particularly well-developed in Europe and French-speaking Africa.

    With an in-depth knowledge of the Chinese socio-cultural and regulatory environment (including Chinese authorisation mechanisms concerning foreign investments), our Chinese Desk offers our Chinese clients, particularly State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), a high-end legal service (structuring, taxation, interfacing with the public authorities, securing of regulatory authorisations, negotiation/drafting of contracts, etc.) in addition to customised support based on the profile of the investor, the target and/or the project.

    Our areas of intervention for our Chinese clients mainly cover acquisition operations and joint ventures (acquisition of majority or minority stakes, greenfield project), restructuring, financing and infrastructure projects (major projects, energy, natural resources, etc.) as well as real estate projects (hospitality, residential and/or commercial property).

    For our French and foreign clients investing in China, our Chinese Desk also offers a personalised, customised support service in close collaboration with Chinese legal partners who are carefully selected according to the project and the industry concerned.