Jean-François Adelle participates in IBA 29th International Financial Law Conference in Istanbul

May 23 till May 25, 2012 the “29TH INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL LAW CONFERENCE” will be held in Istanbul, Turkey.
May 24, Jean-Francois Adelle, JeantetAssociés partner, will co-chair the 11H30-12h45 panel which subject will deal about : “Enforcement of different security agent structures; parallel debt, trusts and alternative solutions”, 
This panel will explore recent market developments concerning the use of different security agent structures in civil law countries and, in particular, enforcement and recognition of the claims and security based on parallel debt, trusts or similar concepts. In some civil law jurisdictions, the parallel debt concept recently has been tested and recognised before the local courts.
The panellists will discuss this case law and consider whether recognition of parallel debt in some jurisdictions may provide more legal certainty in other civil law jurisdictions, as well. This could be particularly helpful in the current uncertain Eurozone environment. Some potential alternatives used to achieve an effect equivalent to parallel debt will also be considered: security agent, joint and several creditors and fiducie.
The conference locates : Swissotel The Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey