JeantetAssociés’ s European Company Law Team realized 3 studies available on site

JeantetAssociés’s European Company Law Teaù was selected in 2010, as an expert in European Company Law to assist the Commission of Legal Affairs for a five-year duration.
In that respect, the team which is composed of Philippe Portier, Frank Martin Laprade, Valérie Tandeau de Marsac, Yann Paclot and Jean-Philippe Dom, realized three studies now available on the site of the European Parliament.
1. Rights and obligations of shareholders – National regimes and proposed instruments at EU level for improving legal efficiency  (visualize the PDF)
2. Relations between company supervisory bodies and the management –  (visualize the PDF)
3. Corporate Social Responsibility – Identifying what initiatives and instruments at EU level could enhance legal certainty in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (visualize the PDF)