Business Criminal Law

Labour Law

COVID-19: “the question of employers’ criminal liability is uncertain” (Jeantet)

Eva Kopelman, Hortense Bethune

Several criminal complaints have been filed against employers for contamination of an employee with covid-19 at the workplace. The criminal liability of the employer...


Business Criminal Law

The criminal risks incurred by company managers in the context of a business recovery

Jacques-Henry de Bourmont, Hortense Bethune

In the current context of the health crisis linked to Covid-19, the resumption of activity raises many questions as to the criminal liability of...


Real Estate Law

Flash ordinance of May 13th and ordinance 2020-539 of May 7th

Catherine Saint Geniest, Arnaud Colin, Laure Asdrubal, MARION VIEL, Hannah Benarousse

Ordinance n°2020-560 duof May 13th 2020 setting the time limits for various procedures during the period of health emergency. Order No. 2020-539 of May...


Russia : COVID-19 : Consequence of new russia measures for business

David Lasfargue

We are actively following the developments related to those issues and are fully prepared to advise our clients.


Coronavirus : Task Force Jeantet

The spread of coronavirus arises many challenges to businesses, employees, customers, suppliers, investors and financial partners. Jeantet has set up a multi-disciplinary Task Force to answer...


Commercial Law, Distribution and Restrictive Practices

The Coca-Cola-Intermarché Case: the legal analysis [Tribune]

Julia Bombardier

On January 6, 2020, LSA revealed that Coca-Cola has stopped delivering the Intermarché and Netto brands. Since then, the Court of Appeals has asked...