Banking and Financial Regulation

AML/CFT: towards the creation of an ad hoc European supervisory authority – Bulletin Joly Bourse, October 2021

Martine Samuelian, Charles Ducrocq

On 20 July 2021, the European Commission published a draft European regulation to create a new European authority, the Authority for Anti-Money Laundering and...


Commercial Law, Distribution and Restrictive Practices

Fin de l’exclusion automatique de la passation des marchés publics en cas de condamnation définitive ? – Le Club des Juristes, 04/10/2021

Loraine Donnedieu de Vabres-Tranié

En droit français, le Code de la commande publique prévoit une exclusion automatique des candidats de la procédure de passation des marchés publics faisant...


Financing and Financial Engineering

Enhanced secured creditors in france after cornerstone reform of security law and collective proceedings of september 15, 2021

Jean-François Adelle, Thibault Mercier

October 2021 Ordinances n°2021-1192 and 2021-1193 of September 15, 2021, respectively reforming security law and amending Book VI of the French Commercial Code, implement...


Restructuring and Insolvency

Comparative summary of the reform of Book VI of the Commercial Code resulting from Order no. 2021-1193 of 15 September 2021 and Decree no. 2021-1218 of 23 September 2021

Bertrand Biette, Laïd Estelle Laurent, Jean Delapalme, Camille Chip

The reform of Book VI through the transposition of the European Directive modifies the balance of power in the negotiations between the company in...


Tax Law

Business Criminal Law

Professional secrecy: boom boom on searches and phone tapping! – L’Opinion, 09/21/2021

Jacques-Henry de Bourmont, Hortense Béthune

« Current legal systems have become so complex that the legal fiction of “no one is supposed to ignore the law” has become unrealistic...


Listed Companies and Capital Markets Law

Shouldn’t the legal personality of the AMF act as a shield? – Option Droit et Affaires, 03/09/2021

Frank Martin Laprade

For several years now, the legal status of the AMF has been in question when it intervenes before the Paris Court of Appeal in...