• Casablanca


    2 Rue Zaidane, 20170 Casablanca

    T: +212 5 22 94 09 96

    F: +212 5 22 94 09 90

    Our Morocco Office assists its Moroccan, French and international clients in all fields of business law for the implementation of their projects in Morocco and Africa.

    Our international development strategy has continued with the opening of our office in Casablanca. The many cases we handle in Africa and our practice in national, regional and unified African laws have made us a leading player in the African continent.

    Our teams, adapted to the needs of the Moroccan market, offer legal advices (including for judicial or arbitral matters). Hence, our teams have considerable expertise for jurisdictional issues and a high level knowledge of local operational constraints.

    The Casablanca Office specialises in the following strategic fields: