Coronavirus, an update on the implications for Economic Law

Loraine Donnedieu de Vabres-Tranié, Julia Bombardier, Florent Vever

This newsletter focuses in particular on the practical consequences that the crisis could have on: payment deadlines, single agreements and GCS, but also in...


COVID-19: what are the main tax impacts?

Jean-Guillaume Follorou, Jacques-Henry de Bourmont

Taxation: emergency measures to be taken to deal with the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis: transcription of the crisis into the companies’ accounts, reduction of the...


COVID-19 and health data protection

Frédéric Sardain, Claire Allavena


Coronavirus: what consequences on financing agreements?

Jean-François Adelle, Tamara Mammadova, Thibault Mercier

The covid19 global crisis and the relating lockdown measures will strongly impact the activity of borrowers and the value of their assets. Their repayment...


Listed companies facing coronavirus

Frank Martin Laprade, Cyril Deniaud, Benjamin Cohu, Claire Coquard

Although the coronavirus is an extraordinary situation making financial communication both necessary and particularly sensitive, there is no indication at this stage that listed...


COVID-19 and lease: reflexions and recommendations

Catherine Saint Geniest

Donors are concerned both about their obligations in the face of the current coronavirus outbreak and also about the demands that may come from...