Details on deadlines in terms of urban planning and the environment – ordinance n°2020-427 of 15 April 2020 on various provisions in terms of deadlines to deal with the Covid -19 epidemic

Adrien Fourmon

A new ordinance n°2020-427 of 15 April 2020 on various provisions regarding deadlines for dealing with the covid-19 epidemic (the “Deadlines Ordinance of 15...


Order N°2020-427 dated 15 April 2020 on various time limits dispositions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic

Catherine Saint Geniest, Arnaud Colin, Laure Asdrubal, MARION VIEL, Hannah Benarousse

Order n°2020-427 dated 15 April 2020 on various time-limit dispositions regarding the covid-19 pandemic  modifies the provisions of Order 2020-306 of 25 March 2020...


Public Procurement Code, public procurement contracts and other public contracts during the period of Covid-19, what is the situation?

Adrien Fourmon

The current health emergency has called for the introduction of derogating and temporary rules on public procurement, both in the field of awarding and...



Marianne Chevallier, Maria Plakci

The French Parliament has by virtue of an emergency law dated 23 March 2020 empowered the French Government to take all necessary measures in...


Cronavirus: Flash re. staff representative bodies Clarifications provided by the Decree dated April 10th, 2020

Eva Kopelman, Laetitia Ternisien

By Ordinance dated April 1st on emergency measures relating to staff representative bodies (“IRP”), the Government had provided for the possibility for companies to...


The European Union put to the test by COVID-19 – The issue of State aid remains topical

Jean-Guillaume Follorou, Jacques-Henry de Bourmont

Aware of the political and economic challenges facing by the European Union, the European Commission has decided to act swiftly as part of its...