Power cuts: illegal acts with impunity!

Laetitia Ternisien

Cynically, it is not legal to cut the power… But those who cut the power can be proud of it because they risk absolutely...


Business Lawyers emerging in 2020: Ioana Knoll-Tudor, The inexhaustible

Ioana Knoll-Tudor

Décideurs Juridiques has identified 30 rising stars of the business bar recognized in their specialty for their talent, commitment, outstanding track record…. Ioana Knoll-Tudor...


Leetchi kitty of former boxer Dettinger: the court will issue its decision on January 20

Martine Samuelian

The kitty was created on January 6th for Christophe Dettinger, filmed the day before in Paris hitting two gendarmes during act 8 of the...


“Naming and shaming” companies: Should we do more to highlight the bad payers?

Philippe Portier, Julia Bombardier

20 minutes, 22/10/2019


First contentious decision of the Polynesian Competition Authority: a refrigerant analysis

Loraine Donnedieu de Vabres-Tranié, Florent Vever

The Polynesian Competition Authority ruled on an excessive pricing practice alleged against a distributor who charged its suppliers for a beverage refrigeration service. The...


«L’étude couteau Suisse pour la France et l’Europe»

Patrice Lefevre-Pearon

Managing partner of the Geneva study, Patrice Lefèvre-Péaron discusses the tax and investment issues between Switzerland, France and the European Union. Admitted to the...