Coronavirus crisis: can we renegotiate the 2020 Single Conventions? [Tribune]

Julia Bombardier

What are the consequences of the pandemic and containment on trade negotiations and therefore on business plans? To find out, LSA has contacted several...


Coronavirus: launch of an arbitration solution for rental disputes – Décideurs, 15 May 2020

Catherine Saint Geniest, Ioana Knoll-Tudor

In collaboration with the Centre for Mediation and Arbitration (CMAP), the law firms Jeantet and 1804 are launching an arbitration offer designed to resolve...


Security obligation: with covid-19, are employers right to worry about their liability to judges? – Éditions Législatives, 12 mai 2020

Laetitia Ternisien, Eva Kopelman

Employers are concerned that they may be liable for contamination in the workplace. Will compliance with the ministry’s fact sheets be sufficient to prove...


Coronavirus: Do we have to work when there is no such thing as zero risk? – 20 minutes, 29 March 2020

Laetitia Ternisien

It’s not easy to navigate the flow of information that comes across the coronavirus. Is there a particular question you’re curious about? Every day,...


Coronavirus stage 3: what changes for employees and their managers?

Laetitia Ternisien

“Stage 3” is on everyone’s lips and the authorities are no longer making a mystery of it: France could soon move to the highest...


Coronavirus also affects corporate governance

Frank Martin Laprade

The Financial Markets Authority reminds that physical presence at the general meeting is not necessary. It recommends live webcasting.