What legal protections for mayors? – Revue des Collectivités locales, 17/02/2021

Adrien Fourmon

The Covid-19 epidemic has rekindled the debate on the legal responsibility and protection of mayors. These issues were discussed in the National Assembly during...


In the absence of a takeover bid, the minority shareholders of M6 will have to make do with the increase in price – Agefi Hebdo, 10/02/2021

Frank Martin Laprade

The expected change of control of the TV channel does not open any exit for the shareholders. This raises the issue of a change...


Silence is a right in a market abuse investigation – Agefi Hebdo, 03/02/2021

Frank Martin Laprade

Un arrêt européen pourrait inciter l’AMF à revoir sa charte, notamment en imposant aux enquêteurs de rappeler leurs droits aux mis en cause. citation...


How much money is required to conduct an IPO in France? –, 21/12/2020

Cyril Deniaud

Cyril Deniaud details the IPO operation in this article by Anne Taffin.  


How to pay back your debt without paying a cent: Archos has the solution – Les Echos, 12/12/2020

Cyril Deniaud

Cyril Deniaud on the technique of “equitization” in this article by Laurence Boisseau.


Compliance was born in banking institutions more than twenty-five years ago – Décideurs Compliance, november 2020

Loraine Donnedieu de Vabres-Tranié, Martine Samuelian, Philippe Portier

Since the entry into force of the Sapin 2 law, France has truly entered the era of compliance. Lawyers are facing a new challenge:...