A cross-disciplinary, pragmatic and operational approach to dealing with challenges.

Jeantet supports businesses and their directors, shareholders and partners (commercial, financial or banking) in both out of court proceedings (ad hoc mandate, conciliation) and legal proceedings (safeguards, recovery and liquidation) to overcome difficulties. We also provide assistance to investors wishing to implement a plan to support or take over a business in difficulty, and to court-appointed officers, administrators and legal representatives, offering them additional legal expertise during the proceedings and in managing any resulting litigation.

We understand the balances involved and develop creative solutions to ensure everyone is on board when we assist the company in difficulty itself, and to protect the interests and support the decision-making process when we assist its partners in prevention proceedings.

Above all, our expertise in legal proceedings enables us to optimise the use of these restructuring tools and to ensure the interests of the parties involved are protected in each of their individual roles, with a view to achieving an outcome from the proceedings that retains value.

We stand out for:

  • our cross-functional approach, in project mode, which gives balanced consideration to the legal, economic, financial, operational and social issues involved;
  • our teams’ corporate, stock market and financing know-how and our involvement in international cases, which enables us to support our clients in technically complex cases with a major financial aspect;
  • our litigation know-how, an invaluable asset for limiting exposure to risk in all decision-making, so that we can anticipate how a case will develop during the judicial phase and thus be able to better develop or critique settlement proposals and determine liability or provide a defence against liability claims;
  • leading expertise in social restructuring of businesses in difficulty, enabling us, for instance, to rapidly implement the social restructuring required for the recovery of a company, or to support court-appointed officers in implementing the consequences when all or part of a business is not taken over in the most important or complex cases.