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“GDPR 3D”: Jeantet teams up with IT industry leading Modis to assist companies with the implementation of the new European data protection regulation

Frédéric Sardain

Paris, February 15th, 2018 – With the GDPR due to come into force 13 weeks from now, businesses and public sector organizations are getting ready to bring their business operations into compliance with the new landmark privacy law.

As of May 25th 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”) will become directly applicable to all entities, private or public, established in the European Union (“EU”) or outside the EU that are processing the personal data of natural persons to supply goods or services within the European area.

In order to facilitate global compliance and continuing GDPR governance, law firm Jeantet has teamed up with consulting engineering firm Modis to offer their breadth of experience in advising organizations on their related legal and technical needs. “GDPR 3D” is an innovative service that combines the expertise of Jeantet’s lawyers and the experience of Modis’ consultants and use of IBM technology. This thorough offer allows our experts to tackle the implementation of the GDPR in its three-pronged legal, technological and organizational.

“GDPR 3D” consists of 5 key steps, bringing companies to successfully comply with all requirements of the European regulation:

  1. Organization of the action plan
  2. Data-process mapping
  3. Identification and prioritization of actions to be conducted
  4. Conformity implementation
  5. Technical documentation

This innovative partnership brings to market a new approach and turnkey solution backed by the high-level expertise of the Jeantet and Modis teams. Jeantet guarantees absolute confidentiality, absence of conflicts of interests and civil liability insurance coverage that meets the GDPR stakes. Modis, with the IBM comprehensive data protection and management platform, offers the most appropriate technology to help businesses address any potential GDPR-related issue.

“Over the past few years companies have turned to Jeantet for legal advice on personal data issues. Our partnership with Modis adds a new dimension to our offer, and we’re now in a position where we can offer our clients a 360° consulting expertise with thorough technological and geographical coverage to help them become fully compliant with the GDPR regulation “, declares Frédéric Sardain, IP, Tech and Data Partner at Jeantet.

 “In its role as Technological Partner of the digital transformation of both French and international companies, Modis assists its clients in their performance and innovation research. With the association of the legal expertise of Jeantet and the technological skills of Modis, this partnership enables us to strengthen our existing Security offer and allows us to propose a complete solution for data management and full GDPR compliance”, adds Laurent Graciani, Managing director at Modis France.