Commercial Law, Distribution and Restrictive Practices

The Coca-Cola-Intermarché Case: the legal analysis [Tribune]

Julia Bombardier

On January 6, 2020, LSA revealed that Coca-Cola has stopped delivering the Intermarché and Netto brands. Since then, the Court of Appeals has asked...


Decoding: “Brexit, the new Withdrawal Agreement”

Jean-François Adelle

Following the rejection of the Withdrawal Agreement and political declaration dated 14 November 2018 by the UK House of Commons the Johnson government and...


Best practices, legal certainty and dispute resolution under French law

Jean-François Adelle, Thibault Mercier

As the wave of risk-free benchmark indices prepares to catch up with the stream of ongoing financial contracts referring to IBORs, how can we...


Converging reform of security law and insolvency law in France

Jean-François Adelle

Converging reform of security law and insolvency law in France: towards a simpler architecture and better protection of security value in workouts, Butterworths Journal...


Listed Companies and Capital Markets Law

A brief update on the new financial communication rules that apply to listed companies

Frank Martin Laprade

In a recent publication, posted on the AMF website, its Chairman, Robert Ophèle, made a significant contribution to the debate on stock market activism....


Infrastructure, Major Contracts and Projects

Real Estate Law

Competition Law and European Law

Construction Arbitration in Eastern Europe

Ioana Knoll-Tudor

Yesterday Ioana Knoll-Tudor moderated the debate relating to construction arbitration in Eastern Europe organized by the Association Young Professionals of Construction in Paris: Did...