All’s well ends well without taxes – Revue de Droit Fiscal, 07/02/2020

Jean-Guillaume Follorou, Gabriel di Chiara, François-Xavier Simeoni

After having noted, on the one hand, that the simple possession of a winning lottery ticket does not confer any right to its holder...


Renewable energies project: financial status and deadlines for administrative authorisations during a state of health emergency – Plein Soleil, 06/16/2020

Christophe Jacomin, Adrien Fourmon

By Adrien Fourmon, lawyer specialized in public law and renewable energies and Chrsitophe Jacomin, lawyer and partner in the Financial department and in energy...


Investigation : “Commercial real estate: pressure on rents” – Magazine Points de vente, juin 2020

Catherine Saint Geniest

A victim of the pandemic, trade is facing structural problems. The deconfinement, far from heralding an upturn, has brought the brands into a risky...


Summer leave: can the employer impose the duration and timing? – Figaro Économie, 03/06/20

Nicolas Mancret

While many employees have gone back to work, the issue of summer holidays is once again on the agenda.


EBA warns over NPL exposures in first covid-19 stocktake – Global Banking Regulation Review, 27 May 2020

Martine Samuelian

Europe’s banking regulator has warned that not every bank is guaranteed to make it through the covid-19 crisis, as growing exposure to bad loans...


Company heads, beware of criminal risks during a state of health emergency – l’AGEFI Hebdo, June 2020

Eva Kopelman, Jacques-Henry de Bourmont, Hortense Bethune

Manoeuvring to organise the gradual return of their employees to the workplace, company heads must be vigilant about their criminal liability in this period...