Listed Companies and Capital Markets Law

Jeantet is active in all technical fields that are of interest to listed companies, including legal secretarial aspects (holding of meetings, drafting of registration documents), specialised litigation (AMF procedures, directors’ liability, shareholder dispute) or financial transactions, particularly in the following areas:

  • initial public offering, delisting;
  • public bids, preparation of takeover strategies (concerted action, anti-takeover defence measures);
  • design of structured products based on the issuance of composite transferable securities, equity lines;
  • employee shareholding (staff incentive plans combining a company savings plan, stock options plan or even a free share allocation;
  • corporate governance: structuring and organisation of governance, managing directors’ remuneration (policy preparation process and implementation of “say on pay” recommendations), organisation and operation of boards (independence, committees, charters), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), assistance in crisis situations and image risk management;
  • risk management, participation in the preparation of risk strategies and mapping, drafting of procedures, implementation of policies to manage conflicts of interest, prevention of insider trading and combatting corruption and money laundering;
  • management of litigation risks and particularly of criminal risk within the company: training for directors, delegation of powers;
  • compliance: establishment of compliance programmes, audit/compliance testing enforcement proceedings, drafting of codes of conduct. Establishment of levels of control and reporting to management.

We favour an innovative and pragmatic approach that relies on our excellent understanding of theoretical issues (which we present in our doctrinal texts and through training), in addition to our extensive experience of cases and stock market case law. As a result, we are frequently recognised by our peers for our creativity.

Our clients are mostly listed companies of all sizes (particularly medium-sized companies) or French or international investors but we also handle cases (individual or collective) involving majority or minority shareholders, in addition to certain managing directors’ personal situations (individuals).