Competition Law and European Law

We have a strategic, creative and pragmatic view of competition that we apply for the benefit of businesses.

Anti-competitive practices

To best protect the interests of our clients, we apply a concrete and dynamic approach from the investigative stage right through to appearance before the competent French and European authorities and courts.

Our added value stems from the fact that we incorporate our clients’ strategic objectives into our action, whether they are the defendant or claimant, particularly in relation to:

  • anti-competitive practices (cartels, vertical restraints, abuse of dominant position);
  • dawn raids (immediate ability to provide assistance, treatment of IT seizures, litigation concerning the authorisation and/or operation of visit and seizure operations);
  • preparation of compliance programs of a spontaneous nature or as part of litigation proceedings (commitments), training in competition rules and performance of audits;
  • compensation-related or criminal litigation, class actions, etc.

Merger control

Our approach is guided by our clients’ operational and scheduling constraints, whether it is in Paris, Brussels or elsewhere (multifiling) thanks to our network. Our responsiveness and method, our creativity in difficult cases (referrals, phase II), our knowledge of the authorities and our fighting spirit all enable us to successfully implement all company merger projects. 

State aid

We advise businesses with the potential of facing state aid issues, whether these concern compensation of public service missions, subsidies or aid in bail-outs or restructuring. Our clients are either the beneficiaries of such aid, faced with the risk of reimbursement or competitors who undergo distortions of competition caused by illegal aid.

Freedom of movement / freedom of establishment

We advise our clients on all issues relating to European law, particularly in relation to:

  • Free movement of goods (restrictions, justifications, consumer law, etc.);
  • Free movement of people and provision of services;
  • Respect for the rights guaranteed by the European Human Rights Convention

Finally, the team relies when required on the expertise of economists (injury and loss assessment, definition of relevant markets, etc.) and recognised professors of law.


We advise our clients on all matters relating to the anticipation and consequences of Brexit:

  • Follow-up of negotiations in progress
  • Impact on freedom of movement and customs duties
  • Impact on state aid …