Banking and Financial Regulation

Jeantet has acknowledged expertise in financial instruments and regulations applicable to financial institutions, investment service providers, and management companies.

Our team has a sound understanding of the demands of international financial markets as well as a strong culture of customised solutions. We advise and assist our clients:

  • in their dealings with the supervisory authorities for approval, changes in different standards and prudential ratios, organisation of internal control, compliance, anti-money laundering and the fight against the financing of terrorism;
  • to adapt their documentation (account agreement, management mandate, etc.) and their practices to the practically constant changes in the applicable regulations (code of ethics, monitoring procedure, procedure manual, anti-money laundering, etc.);
  • for the drafting and negotiation of contracts binding them to their regular providers (outsourcing contract, delegation of financial management, delegation of custody, contract for investment decision-making assistance services, etc.) in such a way that the rights and obligations of each party are perfectly defined and understood in accordance with the applicable regulations;
  • for structuring and distribution to institutional investors or the public of banking products or financial instruments (canvassing, marketing, specialised loans, payment instruments, online banking and financial services, collective investment schemes and alternative investment funds (approval, drafting of articles of association, regulations and prospectuses).